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By Appointment Only between the Hours of 10:00am - 5:00pm M-T & Th-Sat; 10:00am - 2:00pm Sat.

A valid credit card is required to book/hold all appointments. This is only to validate the card. When booking an appointment, you have the choice to pay for the appointment ahead of time OR pay for your appointment after your scheduled session is complete.

Cancelation Policy

We understand that unanticipated events can happen occasionally. To be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies will be enforced:

24hr Advanced Notice Is Required when canceling and/or rescheduling an appointment. This gives us the opportunity to offer that time slot to another client. If you are unable to provide 24 hours advanced notice of your cancelation or reschedule, you will be charged the full amount of your scheduled service. This will be charged to the card on file. If there is no card on file, this amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.

No-Shows are anyone who forgets or intentionally chooses to not arrive for their scheduled appointment. In the event of a No-Show, you will be charged the full amount for your 'missed' appointment. This will be charged to the card on file. If there is no card on file, this amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.

Late Arrivals

If you arrive late, your session may be shortened to accommodate those appointments scheduled after yours. Depending on how late you arrive, it is the therapists discretion if there is enough time to start and finish your treatment within the time remaining. Regardless of the time left, you will be responsible for the full amount of the scheduled service. Our advice to established clients is to arrive 10 minutes before each appointment to allow time for you and your therapist to discuss your session, health updates, etc. Out of respect for your therapist, and those scheduled after you, please plan accordingly and arrive on time.

Gift Certificate Redemption

When redeeming a gift certificate, as with any appointment, you must give 24hrs notice if you cannot make the appointment. If you cancel within the 24hrs, you will forfeit your gift certificate. If you are a No-Show for the appointment, you will forfeit your gift certificate. Our cancelation and no show policies above applies to all gift certificates. There are no refunds.


Memberships are available for select services. Memberships can be customizable (call for details). Memberships are an automatic monthly charge for the number of appointments included in your membership. Appointments can roll over into the next month and not be lost. If you cancel within 24hrs of your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit that appointment. If you are a No-Show for the appointment, you will forfeit that appointment. Our cancelation and no show policies above applies to all memberships. There are no refunds.

New Clients

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out the necessary intake forms and new client paperwork. Intake forms can be filled out when making an appointment online (recommended). If you are not making an online appointment, forms can be electronically filled out the day of the appointment. You will need time to do this and allow an additional 10-15 minutes for your therapist to review your forms, give you an assessment of your needs, and go over a treatment plan if necessary. If you do not arrive early enough, this will cut into your scheduled appointment time.

Deep Tissue Appointments

Be aware that bruising & soreness can occur from having Deep Tissue work. Bruising & soreness can occur for numerous reasons, including but not limited to diet, certain medications, blood disorders, the use of cups (for cupping), etc. You agree to release the company and the individual massage therapist from all liability concerning bruising & muscle soreness. Continuous assessment (checking gait, flexibility, posture, etc.) of your condition is a part of your appointment from beginning to end.

Draping Policy

We want you to undress according to your comfort level. This may mean naked, down to underwear only, or tank top and shorts. While it is ideal that your body be completely unclothed, adjustments can be made for your relaxation and comfort! Whether the draping is your own clothing or our bedding, you will be properly draped at all times. Drapings will cover breasts and genitalia at ALL times. Only the parts of the body being massaged in that moment will be exposed.

Any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances made by you will result in immediate termination of the session, and you will be liable for full payment of the scheduled appointment.


We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and cash. Note: A Massage Above does NOT keep cash on hand to make change. If you are paying in cash, please plan ahead expecting that no change can be given back. 

Tips are always encouraged and very much appreciated!

You acknowledge and agree to these policies and procedures when booking an appointment either via the website, by phone or in person.

We look forward to serving you!

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