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"Highly recommend if you are looking for personalized and professional service. As a groomer, I am in constant pain from lifting and repositioning dogs. Sometimes weighing more than I do! Tracey took time to discuss exactly what I needed, where the worst areas were, assessed, and made me feel 21 again!!!! My constant shoulder pain is gone! Cannot day enough about the customer service as well as professional service I had throughout the scheduling, service, and follow up. 10 stars!" ~M.S. Windermere, FL.


"About eight months ago I developed a frozen shoulder. This is a very painful and somewhat debilitating condition. After several months of physical therapy, I had regained a great deal of my range of motion but was struggling to get the remaining 25% of range back and still experienced pain in areas. After massage therapy sessions with A Massage Above, I felt a great deal of pain relief and many of the remaining adhesions were worked out. Range of motion continued to improve and today I'm about 95% recovered. Not all massage therapists have experience with this condition. I highly recommend A Massage Above if you should find yourself with this injury and need help." ~J.S. Windermere, FL.


"Tracey is awesome & very knowledgeable. I have gone to her several times. Every time I feel great and the experience is wonderful!" ~S.V. Winter Garden, FL.


"Just went in for my first massage in a long time and let me say...A Massage Above and Tracey Tanner are AMAZING!!!! I feel so relaxed! Tracey has magic hands. I have never felt so good after a massage! I literally feel like a new person. She was able to alleviate all the pain and tension in my neck and back. I didn't even mention it to her, but my feet have been killing me. After the massage, I feel zero discomfort in my feet, too! She seriously has healing hands. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A Massage Above and Tracey!! You won't regret it!" ~K.B. Ocoee, FL.


"If you need a massage therapist for medical reasons (or just a good pampering)... check out Tracey at A Massage Above. She spends time with you, learning your specific needs, offering advice and options. If you've never had a massage, you simply don't know how life changing it is. This is a relationship you work on and build over time so you owe it to yourself to find someone who cares and not some rando. Think about it like this... take your hair, for example. Supercuts is fine, you're going to get a haircut and it will probably not ever be the same person doing it each time, but it's a decent haircut about 75% of the time. Each visit you have to explain that weird cowlick, you know the one, and sometimes they understand, but most of the time it's like playing Russian roulette. If you pay a little more and find a hairdresser, that person starts to know you, know your hair, knows what to do with that crazy cowlick, and you feel like you're seeing a friend each time you go in. That's what I'm talking about. You can go to one of those big name massage parlors, or even some random one and maybe you'll find someone you like there, maybe not. Or, you can take my advise and go check out Tracey, I don't think you'll regret it one bit. Start building that relationship today, so you can reap the benefits tomorrow."~T.S. Ocoee, FL.


"I highly recommend A massage above LLC with Tracey! she made me feel so good, my tension in my neck and lower back are so much better! I can't wait to go back In two weeks! she has amazing hands and knows how to help you relax!
Thank you Tracy, for really taking the time to learn my problem areas!" ~T.B. Clermont, FL.

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